July 1, 2010

The Healing of Hydrotherapy

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You may already know that quite a few sports therapists and rehabilitation specialists make use of hydrotherapy for a number of different physical ailments and injury recovery. Did you know, however, you can gain the benefits from the therapy right in your back yard, whether you have an ailment like arthritis or you are just tired from stressful work days?

The truth is, there is much more to spas and hot tubs that just what you expect. They also offer hydrotherapy that can be healing and relaxing when you choose a hot tub from Clearwater spas. You may be thinking that you do not need any sort of physical rehabilitation and you just want a spa to enjoy, but there are many reasons to consider hydrotherapy. Here are just a few and I am quite sure that several will apply to you and your family.

Hydrotherapy for Stress Relief

Hydrotherapy is not just about healing. It is also about relaxation and de-stressing. Clearwater Spas offers a unique design in their jets to combine warm air with warm water to offer the most unique relaxation for sore and tired muscles. As the hydro massage and heat come in contact with your body, they immediately loosen tense muscles that can lead to soreness and discomfort.

There are

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numerous studies that show there is an immediate effect of relaxing in warm water. Because we spend most of the day on our feet, our bodies are affected by the pressure of uncomfortable shoes, non-ergonomic chairs, and even the gravity. When you relax in the warm water of a Clearwater spa, all of the pressures are removed from your body, which allows it to reach a truly relaxed state.

Because immersion in warm water actually leads your body to release endorphins, you will find an enhanced pain reliever from relaxing in a spa. This combination

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of de-stressing, relaxation, and pain relief will allow you to go through your days and nights in a much more relaxed state. You will even find that you are able to sleep better!

Spas and Hot Tubs for Health Benefits

Of course, if you are suffering from such ailments as arthritis, medical proof shows that spending time in a spa will help to ease the pain and tightness that comes along with the illness. In addition, medical issues like muscle injuries can be helped by a hydrotherapy spa.

Hot Tub Enclosures for the Complete Experience

When you choose a spa and hot tub enclosure, you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation of hydrotherapy no matter what the outside weather may be. In addition, because Clearwater Spas strives to offer the best products, they have designed the jets and pumps of the hot tubs that offer the ultimate in quiet operation. You will find it is much easier to relax if you do not have to listen to the loud mechanical sounds usually associated with a hot tub in use.

Whether your doctor has recommended hydrotherapy or you just want to enjoy a relaxing and de-stressing afternoon, you will find it in a hot tub or spa. Choosing a spa from Clearwater will give you the best in quiet, functional hydrotherapy right in your own backyard.

June 21, 2010

“Green with Envy” – Hot Tubs Can be Eco-Friendly and Fun

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We all know that it is important to protect the environment. It is becoming more and more evident that the ecologically friendly steps that we take today will have an extremely positive impact on the future. Many people have started taking small steps by switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs and by making their homes more energy efficient, but did you know you can even be friendly to the economy by choosing the right hot tub?

Eco-Friendly Does Not Mean Sacrifice of Comfort

You do not have to sacrifice comfort or fun with your spa, but you can choose an option that is more environmentally aware from Clearwater Spas. What is so special about these eco-friendly options? From manufacturing to power use, they are quite special. When you buy a hot

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tub, this is how you will be helping the environment.

When the company designs and creates these hot tubs, they keep two things in mind: your comfort and the environment. From the very beginning, staying green in kept in mind, and the manufacturing locations for the spas do not produce environmental pollution.

When it comes to the design of the hot tub itself, going green is still kept in mind. The floors of the spas are created from recycled ABS, and Clearwater Spas even goes as far to recycle their own material waste, such as wood and plastic.

Your Hot Tub Installation can Mean Greener Living

In addition, the hot tubs are energy efficient in a number of different ways. This is good for the environment, but it will also save you money in electricity, which is just an added bonus. Insulated from floor to cover, the spas are made to maintain heat and avoid pollution from damaging insects. The insulation used is made to buffer against cold air in order to maintain heat so that the heater system has to work less and will use less electricity. The spa covers for these hot tubs include upgraded insulation to protect from heat loss as well.

Energy Efficient Spas and Spa Covers Through E-Smart Technology

The spas designed and manufactured by Clearwater Spas include a new technology called E-Smart, which guarantees that the hot tubs are energy efficient in all ways. Designed from recycled materials, including the best in insulation, these hot tubs will not only offer a green alternative, they will also cost you less money since they use much less of your resources.

Going green does not have to be difficult. In fact, many people assume that, to protect the environment, they will have to make sacrifices, but this is not

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true. You can still enjoy the comfort, therapy and fun of a hot tub at your home while still working for a better environment.

Choosing a spa that has been recognized as E-Smart will help to provide for a better environmental future. Additionally, the spas are certified to pass the rules of the California Energy Commission energy standards act, which is a strict set of rules about energy efficiency and environmental safety. There is no sense in missing out on the fun of a hot tub because you are worried about the environment. In fact, when your neighbors see your hot tub installation, they are sure to be “green with envy!”

June 6, 2010

Backyard Staycations: Three Reasons to Transform your Yard into a Resort Retreat

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Why spend all that money to go away on a family vacation when you can create your own backyard paradise? It is no secret that many people are finding ways to spend less money, and most likely you are doing the same. As the cost of living goes up, the cost of fun can be frustrating, but you can still have an enjoyable summer vacation time. All you need to do is consider how to turn your backyard into a resort with a spa, hot tub, and all the needed accouterments.

A Spa, A Hot Tub Gazebo, and a Barbecue for the Perfect Outdoor Room

Have you ever heard of the term “outdoor room?” These fantastic outdoor environments often include a hot tub or portable spa for relaxation, a gazebo for shelter from the sun or rain, a barbecue or fire pit, seating, and maybe even a bar area. These outdoor rooms include everything you need to create your own staycation. Here are three reasons to have a Clearwater Spas hot tub installed so you can get started creating your resort right out your back door.

1. Save Money, Keep the Fun
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is one thing for certain. Vacations are getting more and more expensive. As prices on gasoline go up and it costs more and more to pay for food, theme parks and other vacation idea, you could find yourselves spending a month’s pay just for a week of fun.

When you invest in an outdoor room, you will only have a onetime cost, but you can enjoy your vacation week after week. There will be no traveling. All you have to do is walk outside.

2. Family Bonding Through a Relaxed Staycation
You can spend time with your family. Too often, we get caught up with the hectic world of everyday life that we do not even sit down at meals with the family. Often, vacations are so packed with activity that it is still hard to spend genuine quality time with the family.
When you choose to install a portable hot tub along with other items for your backyard resort, then you can spend true quality time with your family. Relax around the barbecue or in the spa and enjoy a true vacation from life’s stresses with your loved ones.

3. A Portable Spa has Health Benefits Too
You can also find a great deal of health benefit from a hot tub from Clearwater Spas. Because of the combination of warm water and air sent through the jets of the spa, there is a great benefit of hydrotherapy from it. Whether you just need to get away from the stress of work or you

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need the therapeutic effect on problems of muscle strain or arthritis, you can find it in your backyard.
You will not have to spend hundreds of dollars visiting a rehab facility when you can enjoy hydrotherapy in your own backyard.

There are many reasons to consider creating your own backyard retreat. You can spend time with your family, you can save money, and you can enjoy health benefits. When you have a hot tub installed, and you consider turning your backyard into an outdoor room, you can have a staycation anytime you want.

May 26, 2010

The Clearwater Spas Difference

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Have you ever noticed how word of mouth travels faster than any advertising? Chances are, you have even chosen a company or made a purchase based on the high opinion given to you by a friend, co-worker or family member. The truth is, the best way to choose a specific item for new purchase is to make the decision based on the real experiences of other people. Knowing the good experience of others is much better than reading an ad or seeing a commercial.

What can you learn from others about Clearwater Spas? You can learn that this company is the leading manufacturer of the best products of this nature that you will find. In fact, their reputation is such that their name is first on a dealer’s lips when asked “who makes the best hot tubs around?” What is so special about the hot tubs manufactured by the company? There are several things and you will find out the Clearwater Spas difference here.

When you buy a hot tub, do you really want to spend more time maintaining it than you actually do using it?

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Unfortunately, with many companies, this is just the case. Often, people balk at the idea of even purchasing a spa because they dread the idea of keeping it up.

Low Maintenance Means Less Work

With Clearwater Spas, ease of maintenance is kept in mind. Designed to be completely efficient, the hot tubs make use of E-Smart technology, which means they are easy to maintain, they use less of your electricity, and they are good for the environment. You will spend more time relaxing in the warmth and hydrotherapy offered and less time taking care of the hot tub.

Because they are designed with specialty insulation, the spas will maintain their heat with less work from you. In addition, the materials used to manufacture

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the hot tubs will keep harmful effects of the environment like bugs and moisture from damaging them, again saving you time and frustration.

A Dependable Outdoor Hot Tub

Have you heard horror stories from other spa owners about how the heaters, jets and pumps of their hot tubs continually break down? Do you worry about the expense you will have just trying to keep your spa running? You will not have to worry about this either. Just ask others about their experience with their Clearwater Spas outdoor hot tub.

Designed to work for the long term, these spas are made to be self sufficient so that they break down far less often. You should not have to buy a spa only to spend more money trying to keep it running. When you ask around, you will find that customers can tell you again and again that these hot tubs do not break down like other brands do.

Buy a Hot Tub with the Right Reputation

There is definitely something to be said about word of mouth. When you want to learn the truth of a product, the best thing you can do is ask what real customers have thought. When you ask about the Clearwater Spas difference, you will find that there is no other hot tub in the world that can compare.

April 5, 2010

The Healing Benefits of Hydrotherapy

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While many people enjoy relaxing in spas and hot tubs, especially when they are situated in beautiful hot tub enclosures, they may not realize that hydrotherapy also has many healing benefits. In fact, when it comes to the treatment of many ailments, hydrotherapy has been used for centuries by many cultures throughout the world. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks knew how powerful it could be.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy involves treating your injury, pain or health condition by immersing all or part of our body into water. While it may involve gentle aquatic exercise or movement in a heated pool, hydrotherapy also often involves the use of heated spas and hot tubs. Many home spas and hot tubs have water jets which massage your body. These can be very effective for a variety of ailments.

How does hydrotherapy work to heal the body?

In spas and hot tubs, hydrotherapy works assists in healing the body by using a combination of three elements:
• Temperature (usually heat)
• Massage
• Buoyancy

Not only does this combination help to alleviate stress, which exacerbates pain and health conditions, it also does the following:

• Blood flow improves as the heat opens up the blood vessels. Sore muscles and damaged cells in the body heal more quickly when the blood supply to them is increased. Increased circulation also helps your body eliminate toxic waste more readily, which also helps with healing.
• The massage from water jets in spas and hot tubs helps to relax muscles and decrease stress in a manner similar to massage therapy.
• The buoyancy created by the water makes your body weight significantly lighter, which decreases the stress on muscles and joints. This can be very beneficial for pain relief.

Healing at home

While many medical clinics and hospitals have therapeutic spas and hot tubs, they lack the ambience of the many decorative types of hot tub enclosures available for home hot tubs. When the above elements are combined with one of many beautiful hot tub enclosures in the privacy of your back yard, and you have the perfect setting for

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therapeutic hydrotherapy right at home. This makes it even easier to reap the benefits when your body needs healing, as you only have to walk a few steps for your treatment.

What types of health conditions benefit from hydrotherapy?

Since relaxation and stress reduction will benefit your body in many ways, hydrotherapy in spas and hot tubs is helpful for a variety of specific health conditions, such as:
• Fibromyalgia
People who suffer from fibromyalgia typically experience chronic pain in their muscles and joints, as well as other challenging symptoms. Hydrotherapy can help alleviate the pain and stiffness while improving their mobility. It can also help them sleep better.
• Arthritis
Arthritis involves inflammation of the joints, and can make a person feel very stiff. Movement can be very painful. The buoyancy which the water provides reduces the stress on the joints. The heat from the water also helps increase mobility while reducing joint swelling. Hydrotherapy in spas and

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hot tubs is particularly beneficial for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
• Sleep problems
Individuals who struggle with insomnia and other types of sleep disorders can benefit from hydrotherapy. Rather than relying on medications, hydrotherapy can help to relax and calm them both physically and mentally. If done just before bedtime, this can help them fall asleep more quickly and sleep more restfully.

• Other conditions
Hydrotherapy is used for many other conditions as well, including hemorrhoids, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, depression, cancer, burns, sports injuries, back pain and various infections.

If you are considering purchasing one of the many types of spas and hot tubs, as well as hot tub enclosures, which are available, you will quickly get to experience the many healing benefits of hydrotherapy. Whether you just want to relax and melt away the stress from a long day, or help your body heal from an injury or other health condition, having a hot tub at home is an excellent way to go.

February 5, 2010

Welcome to the Clearwater Spas Blog!

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Resort Series spas from Clearwater Spas!The Best Portable Hot Tubs

Welcome to Clearwater Spas blog – the premier manufacturer of the best portable hot tubs for hydrotherapy massage, relaxation and family fun. Clearwater Spas are hand

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crafted in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Woodinville, Washington just outside of Seattle and are currently sold in 13 countries. When people ask for the best portable hot tubs, the answer is Clearwater Spas. Clearwater Spas leads the world in energy efficient spas designed with eco-logical solutions for everyone.

Quality and Energy Efficiency

Clearwater Spas are built like no other spa. From the ground up, every spa is engineered for the ultimate in comfort, quality, energy efficiency and beauty. Clearwater Spas helps set the bar in energy efficiency by being certified to California Energy Commission’s stringent Title 20 for low energy consumption. Clearwater Spas also prides itself in using environmentally friendly and recycled materials to help reduce the environmental impact on our planet.

Health and Wellness

Your comfort, relaxation, health and wellness are first and foremost with every Clearwater spa. From the ground up, every Clearwater spa is engineered with insulated floors and cabinets, ergonomic seating, quiet warm water flow and adjustable jets for the most stimulating hydro massage you can imagine. Clearwater Spas

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are the clear choice for many sports medicine and physical rehabilitation professionals for its therapeutic benefits – including professional sports franchise teams throughout the country.

Value and Reliability

Clearwater Spas are competitively priced with a price range to fit everyone’s budget without sacrificing the quality engineering that goes into every one of our spas. We back our spas with one of the highest warranties in the business – a 20-year shell and a 5-year equipment warranty on all signature series spas. Create your own backyard escape with a Clearwater spa!

Please Visit Us

Choose the hot tub that is perfect for you by visiting us online at Clearwater Spas. Request a quote, send us an email or find a dealer nearest you to experience for yourself the ultimate hot tub experience.

February 3, 2010

Hot Tubs And Spas For Health and Wellness

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Hydrotherapy has been utilized for thousands of years as a source of relief for countless ailments. Virtually every significant civilization has used hydrotherapy as a vital component of wellness. The ancient Romans had communal baths to promote good health. Even the Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed hydrotherapy treatments as a cure for a

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multitude of ailments. Today, hot tubs and spas are the best way to get all of the benefits of hydrotherapy that have been proven to help many common problems.

Hot Tub Therapy: Relief via Heat

Many people find relief for a wide variety of health issues by investing in the best hot tub they can. Hot tubs and spas use heat, buoyancy and massage for relief. The heat of a portable or permanent hot tub increases your body temperature. This increase improves circulation by dilating the blood vessels. The buoyancy your body experiences in hot tubs and spas works to relieve any pressure on joints and muscles. The jet action massages of the best hot tubs use air and warm water to relax and strengthen muscles. This also has the added benefit of releasing endorphins which not only make you feel better, but act as natural pain relievers.

The ailments and conditions that can be helped by frequent hot tub use range greatly. Any condition that involves poor circulation and stiffness can be alleviated with

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time in a hot tub.

  • For sports injuries or other types of injuries, the heat combined with the powerful massaging action of the jets help to ease pain and soothe muscles.
  • Hot tubs also ease the pain of joint problems, including the pain from rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. While these conditions can lead to all over body pain and discomfort; hot tubs and spas can also help localized pain.
  • For conditions such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis, correctly positioned jets aimed directly at those specific areas can be very beneficial.

Other Benefits of Hot Tub and Spa Therapy

Pain and joint issues are by no means the only health benefits to having a portable hot tub at your disposal. For diabetics, hydrotherapy can help with blood sugar control. Soaking in a hot tub has been shown to lower blood sugar levels. Insomnia and depression symptoms also improve with frequent use of a hot tub. The natural endorphins released can help raise your spirits to face the day if you soak early in the morning. Nighttime soaks and jet massages can relax and loosen muscles, which act as a natural sedative to treat insomnia.

The time you choose to soak in a hot tub can make a difference in your health. If you soak for about 30 minutes before you do your regular exercise routine, it will help to loosen and relax your muscles. This can decrease your chances of injury. If you get into your portable hot tub directly after exercise, you can eliminate stiffness altogether.

How Many Jets?

The best hot tub for your health and well being can come with a variety of jet choices. You can customize the jets you want according to your needs. Whirlpool jets will put pressure on certain areas. Mini jet clusters can be used for massage purposes and other styles work to assist certain areas of the body.

Investing in a hot tub for health benefits can help you treat many problems naturally, safely and comfortably in your own home and on your own time. For overall wellness, hot tubs and spas can also help you stay in optimal health and avoid many common ailments while relaxing at the same time.

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